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UPDATED: Friday - October 31, 2014- 0530 UTC/GMT/12:30 AM CDT: GULF OF MEXICO: Moderate northeast winds behind a cold front will lessen tonight before rising once again today through tomorrow as a second front sweeps through the Gulf!!!.....TROPICAL ATLANTIC:…A weak tropical wave northeast of Puerto Rico is being monitored, but will become absorbed by a front southeast of Bermuda today. .......BAY OF CAMPECHE: Widely scattered thunderstorms and light-moderate northeast winds anticipated over the next few days as the front slides its way south.....TROPICAL WESTPAC: Low chance of development between the Mariana Islands and the Philippines over the next five days!!!.....OFFSHORE EQUATORIAL GUINEA: Widely scattered thunderstorms anticipated over the next few days, with regular squall Advisories being issued!!!...GULF OF VENEZUELA: Only slight chance of isolated thunderstorms as a result of transient tropical waves and light-moderate trade winds are anticipated through the period!!!.....OPTIMUM ROUTING FORECASTS: ...All Active Optimum Routing & Global Surveillance Forecasts are on schedule!!!
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